CCDU Objectives

  1. To manage and facilitate the process of research in development sector
  2. To work for protection of environment through climate change, disaster management and agricultural reform activities
  3. To work for the betterment and development of children, youth and women to make sure their active participation in decision making process
  4. To take part in the process of Sustainable Development by initiating human resource, management and technological development programmes
  5. To work for the Human rights, Justice and awareness of deprived communities, so that everyone has access to basic rights at equitable basis
  6. To work for the reforms in educational sector by providing latest tools and techniques to the teachers


Although the entire community is the ultimate beneficiary of CCDU’s Programs and activities, the major thrust is on the vulnerable and marginalized community. CCDU is serving communities in two ways, one directly working with communities at field level and the other way is to build the professional capacities of organizations working for the betterment of vulnerable communities.

There are Programs which cover in some way or other, the community as a whole; such as the interventions in the fields of disaster management, environement protection, community capacity building and youth development; offered to achieve over all socio-economic transformation and designed to benefit the larger community, though in varying degrees, and thus to contribute to the well being of the people at large.

CCDU’s Working Approach

CCDU is committed to encourage active participation of the communities in the development of the social and economic lives of the society through their involvement in decision-making, planning and implementation of activities. The interventions undertaken or planned by CCDU keep the aspects of sustainability, gender, social harmony and accountability at the forefront.

On a regional basis, CCDU promotes coordination between the various organizations and institutions involved in the rehabilitation process. For example, in Balakot, Muzzafarabad, Batagram and Siren Valley the relief activities have been carried out in close collaboration with the local authorities and affectees. These aspects guarantee the sustainability of CCDU’s projects.

Priority Areas of Intervention

CCDU has a wide spectrum of activities of which the priority areas are as follows:

  1. Disaster Management at institutional, policy and community level
  2. Child development, education and protection
  3. Gender Development and Economic Empowerment of the poor
  4. Environment Preservation
  5. Health Promotion
  6. IEC Material Development
  7. Training for Human Resource Development
  8. Research & Consultancy
  9. Advocacy and Policy Lobby
  10. Promotion of Information Technology