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The Student Development Center (SDC) at CUI Abbottabad Campus deals with national, international and COMSATS based scholarships for students to further their education. These scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the standards and determinations of the donor or founder of the award.

Further, to build partnerships with friends of the University (donors) at national and local levels, who are committed to support students directly or indirectly. The aim is to make it promising, for a good number of students, to get quality education.

We move forward to meet the challenges of the future, the University’s Office of Development continues to create and deliver opportunities for a wide range of activities as well as exceptional fundraising programs with a view to promote the growth of gift procurement from donors.

This office can make great things happen in the lives of students, faculty and researchers through cultural exchanges opportunities. As the cultural exchange opportunities could make a students to view the world from a different lens.



Ghias ud Din Shah

Incharge Office of Development
Tel: +92-992-383591-5
Fax: +92-992-383441


Mr. Muhammad Nawaz

Assistant Treasurer
Email: nawaz83@cuiatd.edu.pk
Tel: +92-992-383591-5
Fax: +92-992-383441


Mr.Rahat Ullah

Senior Administrative Assistant
Tel: +92-992-383591-5
Fax: +92-992-383441