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Dr Talat Nazir
Head of Department

Mathematics has a unique position among Science subjects. Without the use of mathematical formulas no subject on scientific topics can express itself meaningfully. Mathematics therefore plays a key role in the development and progress of scientific fields whether it is physics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, earth sciences, economics and so on. In short no scientific subject is complete without the use of mathematics. The department of mathematics Abbottabad provides services both at the graduate and at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level it conducts MS level courses both in pure and applied fields in addition to research in algebra, fuzzy algebra, functional analysis, relativity, group theory and generalizations, fluid mechanics, topology, number theory, wave propagations, symmetry methods for differential equations and geometric functions theory. At the undergraduate level we provide services to electrical & civil engineering, computer science, earth sciences, management sciences, environmental sciences and pharmacy.

The department is engaged in conducting high level research in collaboration with qualified faculty at various American, European as well as several universities in South Korea, China, Japan, Iran, and Turkey.