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Many developing countries have limited success in achieving higher economic growth and poverty reduction due to many factors, of which the most important are the insufficient emphasis on the historical, present and emerging patterns and trends of development and related aspects. The emerging imperatives of progressive change in social, economic and political spheres clearly point towards the pressing and inevitable need for developing greater understanding and practical indulgence in the existing and futuristic trends in policy, practice and academic spheres of the subject of Development.

The department of development studies was established during first half of 2004. Department started its first academic program under the title of “Master of Development Studies (MDS)”. First batch of the MDS program was inducted during the semester Fall 2004. During the first three years of the department life admissions was offered annually during the Fall semester. However currently admissions for MDS program are open in both Spring and Fall semesters. So far 68 students have been graduated during the sessions 2004 - 2006 and 2005 - 2007.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Development Studies Program is development of professionals, managers, practitioners, consultants, teachers and students to equip them with transferable knowledge and skills necessary in the varying fields and disciplines of different ‘development’ and related subjects.

An in-depth appraisal of the current and emerging development paradigms, initiatives & debates; the growing emphasis on sustainable development - and their inter-connectedness and importance for Pakistan;

  • Ability to approach and identify micro-development issues emerging from the broader context of globalization; economic & political transformation; and social, cultural and political changes particularly focusing on their relevance for Pakistan;
  • An understanding to be able to engage in and connect various concepts, theories and frameworks to practical contextual situations within a development focus;
  • Project planning and management skills and ability to carry out and evaluate development programs using different planning and management tools;
  • Knowledge & skills of conducting action research with ability to carry out social surveys using different methods and techniques that lead to seeking and evaluating new information in differing but relevant contexts.