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Seminar on Anti-Tobacco Awareness

15 May 2012

A seminar was organized on “Anti-Tobacco Awareness” in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center on 15 May 2012 in Azeem Shahzad Memorial Hall. Dr. Azhar from Shaukat Khanum Hospital was the guest speaker who enlightened the audience about the dreadful effects of smoking and tobacco.

A large number of students attended the seminar. The speaker on this occasion urged for launching a massive campaign against the use of tobacco. He was very appreciative of CIIT Abbottabad for putting in all efforts to make the campus smoking free. He said that he did not see any student in the campus with a cigarette in his hand which is a thing to be appreciated. He stated that it is imperative to save our youth from this menace. He further stated that it is not only cigarette which is detrimental for an individual, but there are many other products like Huqqa and Sheesa etc., containing tobacco and are being used by most of the people and are equally harmful for health. He further stated that though cancer is not contagious but it does have risks associated with it. Smokers get caught with several diseases, most dreadful of them being cancer. He advised all to discourage others from smoking adding that we should even stop watching the advertisements which encourage use of smoking.

He then enlightened the audience about all facilities available at Shuakat Khanum Memorial Hospital for the cancer patients. This was followed by question answer session in which students asked various questions which were answered by the speaker.

Visiting team expressed their gratitude to the management team of CIIT Abbottabad for giving them an opportunity to arrange the seminar in CIIT Abbottabad. Representative of the team apprised the students of the Internship Program being offered by the hospital for the students. They were informed that they can get themselves registered in that program, duration of which is 2 weeks. Upon successful completion of internship, certificates are given to all internees. He requested CIIT Abbottabad’s management to arrange a visit of students to the hospital so that they may see those cancer patients who were in habit of smoking and the pain they are passing through because of this very habit of them.

Dr. Mushtaq Jadoon, Head, Department of Management Sciences, CIIT Abbottabad expressed gratitude to the visiting team on behalf of CIIT Abbottabad. He apprised the visiting team of the donation campaign launched by CIIT Abbottabad for its student who was suffering from cancer. He urged the team to pay more visits to CIIT Abbottabad and arrange more informative seminars.





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