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Students Week

13-20 October 2012

CIIT Abbottabad is a hub of academic, professional and personal grooming of students. Each semester, Students Week is celebrated to provide an opportunity to the students to take part in sporting events, performances and a number of different contests. This week allows students of all academic departments to grow closer together though active participation.

Students week started from 13 October 2012 and ended on 20 October 2012. Students, faculty and staff’s active participation made it alive, memorable and successful. A number of fun filled activities were organized during this week comprising sports event for boys and girls, Aadrish, Bilingual Declamation Contests, Qirat and naat competitions, Inter-Campus and Intra-Campus Events and many more.

Opening Ceremony

The event was inaugurated in a simple but enthusiastic way by starting a Cricket 

Match in presence of worthy Director CIIT Abbottabad Prof. Dr. Khan Gul Jadoon. Formal ceremony was held on 15 October 2012 in newly constructed Auditorium in which large number of students, faculty and staff members were present. Proceedings started with recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran followed by Naat. Worthy Director while addressing the audience said that importance of sports and other literary events cannot be ignored as maintaining a sportsmanship is the best way of mental strength and success. He further stated that we at CIIT Abbottabad spare no efforts to offer myriad of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities besides providing our students with conducive teaching and learning environment.

Sports Events (Inter-Campus Events)

Girls Sports Competitions Boys Sports Competitions
Badminton Double Inter Campus Sports
Winner: Anina Qureshi, (Pharmacy, Semester 5) Naila Jaffar (PHM,  Semester 1)  and Anum Bashir ( Semester 2, BBA) Cricket
Runner up: Maryam Mehmood, (Semester 2, BBA) Inter Campus Cricket tournament was hosted by Lahore Campus. 7 teams participated in this tournament.
Badminton Single Winner: CIIT Lahore
Winner: Nimra Akmal (Semester 5, Pharmacy) CIIT Abbottabad stood 2nd in this Inter campus Cricket tournament.
Runner up: SanaMaqbool (Semester 2, BEE) Game Incharge: Mr. Numan Tareen and Mr. Imran Qureshi   
Tug of war Team Event Football
Runner up: Pharmacy Winner: ERS
Winner: Management Sciences and Computer Sciences combined Team Runner-up: EE
Table tennis Single Basketball
Winner: Muneeba Mir (Semester 1, BBA)    Winner: EE
Runner up:Urooj (Semester 9, Pharmacy)   Runner-up: ERS
Lemon spoon Race Winner: Electrical Engineering
Winner: Attiya Ayaz (Semester 1, BBA) Runner-up: Computer Science
Runner up: Farah (Semester 1, EPE) Badminton Doubles
Musical Chair Winner: Ehtisham & Irfan
Winner: Maham (Semester 1, BSE) Badminton Singles
Runner up: Naila Jafar (Semester 1, Pharmacy) Winner: Ehsan
Skipping Table Tennis Double
Winner: SanaMaqbool (Semester 2, BEE)   Winner: Afzal & Sharoon EE
Runner up: Maira Faiz (Semester 9, Pharmacy) Runner-up:Saad Khan & Arslankhan CS
Ludo Table Tennis Single
Winner: SanaMaqbool (BEE)   Winner: Afzal EE
Hibbah Yusaf (BBA)                     Runner-up:  Sharoon EE
 Runner up: SanaSaghir & Sabahat Saeed (BTN)  
Carom Board  
Runner up:Maria Anum & Urooj (PHM)  
Winner: Anina Qureshi  & Maira Faiz PHM)  
Dodge the ball  
Winner: SanaMaqbool (BEE) Attya Ayaz (BBA)  
Sundas Raza(BBA)Hibba Yusaf (BBA)  
Runner up:Hafsa (BBA)Anum Bashir (BBA)  
Marium(BBA) Sana Saghir  

Events organized by COMSATS Literary Society COMSATS Literary Society (CLS) at CIIT Abbottabad is involved in literary, dramatic, scientific, 

software and photographic activities. The societies also regularly organizes poetry reading competitions, debates, quiz shows, concerts, Naat and Qirat competition, photographic competitions and scientific gatherings.

CLS is back home from Sahiwal Campus in the guidance of Mr. Assad Rafaq, Lecturer, Department of Management Sciences, CIIT Abbottabad with a few more feathers in the hat. This time, in the Inter-CIIT competition, our students won Eight Competitions and lost not a single event which is a remarkable achievement in itself. This great achievement is reflective of all efforts put in by the CLS team which includes our Convener Dr. M. Mushtaq Khan Jadoon, HoD Management Sciences, and other CLS Team members  comprising  Miss Nusrat Naeem, Mr, Assad Rafaq and Mr. M. Faisal Kamal.

Results are as follows:

1. Qirat:  Hafiz Rizwan, 1st position

2. Naat: Hafiz Razeen, 3rd Position

3. English Essay Writing Competition: Rimsha Hameed , 1st Position

4. Urdu Essay Writing Competition: S.M. Ahmed, 2nd Position

5. Bait Bazi:  1st Position

6. Mushaira: Abdul Samad, 1st Position

7. Declamation Contest (English): Anis Wajid, 1st Position

8. Declamation Contest (Urdu): Hassan Jamil, 1st Position              

Events Organized by Aadrish:

Aadrish (The Fine Arts Society) arranged Poster/Sketching Competitions on Thursday, October 18, 2012. The venue for the competitions was the new Campus Auditorium:

Following are the results of Painting/Sketching Competitions:

Painting Competition (Theme Desire)

First Position: Shoaib Afzal Khan

Second Position: Adeela Mumtaz


Sketching Competition

First Position: Huma Arshad

Second Position: Arshad Khan

Closing Ceremony

After a week long activities, the Students Week got concluded on 23 October 2012. Closing Ceremony was held in Auditorium at 1:30 PM. Worthy Director congratulated all the winning teams. Prizes were given to the winning teams.






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