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Second UMRAH Funds Draws Ceremony

14 December 2012

By the grace of ALLAH Almighty, 2nd consecutive UMRAH Funds Draws Ceremony was held on 14 December 2012. The ceremony was held in the new Auditorium.

Worthy Director CIIT Abbottabad Prof. Dr Khan Gul Jadoon, members of UMRAH Committee of CIIT Abbottabad, Heads of Departments, large number of faculty members, staff and other administrative officers attended the event. Ceremony began with the recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran and Naat.

Syed Fida Hussain Shah, Deputy Registrar, Coordination and the Convener of UMRAH Committee enlightened the audience about the UMRAH Funds Contribution and expressed his gratitude to all those who are contributing in this noble cause. He stated that the active membership for the said fund has reached to 576 which was 443 till the last year and hoped that the number will increase in the coming years. He further stated that last year 11 employees were selected through computerized Draws system and this year 22 employees will be selected through the same system out of which 12 would be from the Staff Grade and 10 would be from the Officer’s Grade. Continuing, he stated that two separate categories for OG employees and SG employees have been made. Employees can also nominate their parents, children, spouse or any CIIT employee on their place. 


Worthy Director in his address appreciated the efforts of UMRAH Committee in sparing no efforts for making the stay of those 11 lucky employees who were selected for UMRAH in the first ceremony very comfortable as they were very appreciative of all facilities that were provided to them during UMRAH.

Mirza Saifullah Khalid was one of those lucky employees who were selected for UMRAH during the last year. He shared his feelings of UMRAH with all and commended this very step of CIIT Abbottabad as many employees who can’t afford to bear the expense for UMRAH get an opportunity to visit the Holy Kaaba and other sacred places.

Mr. Allah Bux Sargano, member and Secretary of UMRAH Committee briefed the audience about the computerized draws system. Following employees were selected:

SG Category

  1. Mr. Nazar Khan, CITC
  2. Mr. Amjad Khan, Administration
  3. Mr. Gul Nawaz, Administration
  4. Mr. Anwar Zeb, Administration
  5. Mr. Liaqat Khan, Administration
  6. Mohammad Safdar, Administration
  7. Mr. Mazhar Zaman, Administration
  8. Mohammad Iqbal, CITC
  9. Mr. Hamid Ali, Administration
  10. Mr. Zubair Khan, Administration
  11. Mohammad Maroof, Administration
  12. Syed Husnain Haider, ERC

OG Category

  1. Miss Ayesha Ismail, Department of Management Sciences
  2. Mohammaf Aftab, Department of Electrical Engineering
  3. Mohammad Saeed, Department of Humanities
  4. Mr. Murtaza Aslam, Department of Electrical Engineering
  5. Mr. Ossam Chohan, Department of Mathematics
  6. Mr. Tahir Abbas, Department of Environmental Sciences
  7. Syed Aqeel Abbas, Administration
  8. Mr. Atiq-ul-Anam, Department of Electrical Engineering
  9. Mr. Babar Khan Jadoon, Department of Humanities
  10. Mr. Sabeeh Mohsin, Department of Pharmacy

Congratulations to all winners from the CIIT Abbottabad’s family!




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