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7th workshop on PLC and SCADA programming

The 7th workshop on PLC and SCADA/HMI design successfully closed on 10th February. It was three day workshop from 8th to 10th feburary. Dr. Imdad Khan(HoD EE) and Dr Laiq khan(HoA control group) graced closing and opening ceremonies respectively.

 This workshop had participants from Lahore, Faislabad, Multan, Taxilla and Islamabad. Most of these were professional engineers from University, Academia and industry. We also had participation from Chinese university. 

Five years back When Dr. Haroon Rashid set me up this task it seemed impossible. But his encouragement and can-do and must-do attitude made this setup possible.With over 5 years of continuous effort and toil, now our training level is at par with industry at international level. Our training content now covers industrial systems employed by leading multinationals.We feel proud when professionals and academics from all over Pakistan seek our advice on building such capacity.

 We PLC/SCADA Industrial Control Group would need continuous encouragement and input of Dr. Haroon Rashid ,Dr.Khan Gul Jadoon and Dr.Imdad Khan( HOD EE) to even further expand the horizons of this workshop.





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