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One Day Workshop on US Funded Scholarships and Research Grants

13 November 2014

“THE-Together for Health and Education" Society and USEFP (United State Educational Foundation in Pakistan) organized a one day Awareness Workshop on US funded Scholarships/fellowships and research grants which was held in CIIT Abbottabad. Main objective of organizing the workshop was to enlighten the faculty and students about the US funded scholarships and research grants.

USEFP representatives Miss Shiza Toor and Miss Faiza R. Ahmad briefed the audience about Cultural Exchange Program and different scholarships funded by US government.Dr Arshad Pervez, Head, Department of Environmental Sciences, CIIT Abbottabad appreciated the efforts of "THE" Society and the services of US government in the field of educational development in Pakistan.

Dr. Qaiser Mehmood (T.I.)-Fulbright Scholar, Advisor “THE” Society, in his welcome address focused on the long term relationship with USEFP and motivated the students to get maximum benefits from the opportunities offered by USEFP. Global UGRAD Spring 2014 Alumni, Vice President ‘‘THE’’ Society Mr. Ejaz Karim also shared his experiences in US as a Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan. Highlighting his experiences, he briefed the audience that it was a wonderful academic and cultural exchange program and suggested that students must apply for this international opportunity.

Mr. Qaiser Nawab Zada Khattak, Founder & Patron-in-Chief of “THE” Society and Global UGRAD Grantee (Spring 2015) told the visiting team that “THE Society” intend to promote more educational awareness programs in the world particularly in Pakistan. On his request USEFP team agreed to visit other campuses of COOT for awareness sessions from the platform of “THE” Society. He further stated that his stay in US in University of New Mexico as Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan will strengthen the relationship between the people of Pakistan and US.

At the end of ceremony, Prof. Dr. Arshad Pervez distributed certificates and shields to the visiting team.Dr  Muhammad Shakeel Ahmed and Mr. Shiekh Irfan Ullah Khan, Advisors “THE” Society, accompanied the USEFP team for a visit to the CIIT Library and Video Conference  lab. Team was highly appreciative of the state of the art facilities and expressed their wish to organize online sessions / lectures/ seminars from US universities in Videoconferencing room of CIIT Abbottabad.




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