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Orientation- Start of Classes Fall 2019

Semester Fall 2019 session is starting on September 2, 2019. An orientation session will be conducted in the first class. The details of rooms, programs, sections, and timings are given below: 

A reception desk is placed for the students near the campus monument. The team from your department will receive you and guide you regarding further details. Orientation session is important for you, so you can understand the processes and the semester system details. Therefore, please do attend the session in time. Each orientation 

Se. no Program Name Class/Section Timing of Orientation Session Room # for Orientations
1 Business Administration BBA 1A 8:00 AM Language Lab
2 Business Administration BBA 1B 8:00 AM Language Lab
3 Computer Engineering BCE-1A 8:00 AM Main Auditorium
4 Computer Science BCS-1A 8:00 AM Z-220
5 Computer Science BCS-1B 8:00 AM Z-203
6 Computer Science BCS-1C 1:20 PM A-203
7 Computer Science BCS-1D 8:00 AM Z-210
8 Development Studies BDS-1A 3:00 PM Z-205 (M)
9 Economics BEC-1A 9:45 AM Z-203
10 Environmental Sciences BES-1A 8:00 AM A-208
11 Software Engineering BSE-1A 8:00 AM H-1
12 Software Engineering BSE-1B 8:00 AM Computer Lab 5
13 Software Engineering BSE-1C 8:00 AM Computer Lab 7
14 Software Engineering BSE-1D 8:00 AM Computer Lab-3
15 Biotechnology BTY-1A 8:00 AM Z-205 (M)
16 Civil Engineering CVE-1A 8:00 AM K-209
17 Civil Engineering CVE-1B 8:00 AM K-204
18 Electronic Engineering EEE-1A 8:00 AM Main Auditorium
19 Electronic Engineering EEE-1B 8:00 AM Main Auditorium
20 Electronic Engineering EEE-1C 8:00 AM Main Auditorium
21 Electrical Power Engineering EPE-1A 8:00 AM Main Auditorium
22 Electrical Power Engineering EPE-1B 8:00 AM Main Auditorium
23 Electrical Power Engineering EPE-1C 8:00 AM Main Auditorium
24 Geology GEO-1A 8:00 AM ERS-Lab 1
25 Pharmacy PHM-1A 8:00 AM Lab (A-107)
26 Pharmacy PHM-1B 8:00 AM A-125

A in room numbers stands for Academic block (A-block)'s rooms, Z is for the Z-block rooms, K is for the K block room.

The hostelites must report in campus hostel on September 1, 2019 by 12:00 pm. Kindly bring your basic necessities with you. You will be provided with a bed, mattress, table, chair and a cupboard.

The students who have paid their fee dues online, and have not submitted the original deposit slip, please contact the accounts office (Room # 109 in admin block- Mr Yasir Rehman) on Monday morning, to get things clarified.

In case of any questions, please reach the reception desk near monument by 8:00 am OR contact your DOO office when you arrive. In case you have questions, before your arrival, please feel free to contact the admission office number: 0346-6111189 or write to

The time table is available at this link for all the classes.



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