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Environmentally Sustainable Development - ESDev VIII

Conference Report ESDev-VIII

By the grace of Almighty Allah ESDev-2019 was successfully conducted in presence of Honorable Rector COMSATS University, Prof. Raheel Qamar (TI), Worthy Director COMSATS University Abbottabad Campus Prof. Dr. Arshid Pervez, Commissioner Hazara Zaheer Ul Islam, Honorable Prof. Lee Douglas Wilson from Canada, Distinguished delegate from PR China,a wide range of scientists, experts from industry, research and academia, early career researchers and students from Pakistan as well as abroad.

The major goal of this conference was to promote research and developmental activities in the field of Environmental Science and Development among the participants. Furthermore, the papers presented in this conference successfully sensitized the critical environmental issues and highlighted the key challenges faced at national and international levels. It explored the ways and means for attaining sustainable development through scientifically sound advices. The participants highlighted the need to promote R&D in the field of green technologies and encouraged environmentally safe and economically sustainable technology/practices.

The conference targeted the following themes, under each theme various presentations and discussions were made.

  1. Environmental Pollution: Air pollution and Control – Land (Soil & Solid waste) Pollution and Remediation – Water pollution and Treatment
  2. Green Technology and Alternate Energy
  3. Environmental Planning, Management and Policies
  4. Agricultural System: Food Security and Environment
  5. Urbanization and Built Environment
  6. Marine Environment and Coastal Management
  7. Water Resources and Environmental Management
  8. Health, Safety and Environment
  9. Disaster Management and Environmental Risk

More than 225 abstracts along with the full-length papers were received for this conference from within country and abroad. After rigorous scrutiny, about 100 papers were selected for oral presentations while rests were selected for poster presentations due to time constraints. More than 12 foreign delegates participated in the conferences. Overall, more than one hundred quality research papers were presented in 14 sessions of ESDev-2019 for three days.

Prof. Lee D. Wilson from Canada delivered a keynote speech on water scarcity and its sustainable solutions at global scale. He also appreciated the quality of the work presented in the conference and highlighted the outcome of this conference in contributing towards the betterment of environment quality. Prof. Wilson chaired few sessions and actively participated in various activities of the conference. He also acted as one of the judges to evaluate poster session.  

A delegation of six Chinese experts including Prof. Shiyin Liu and his Post-doctoral students conducted a symposium on Climate Change and Glacier Dynamics. The delegation beside appreciating the successful conduct of ESDev-2019, also enlightened the guests with the expertise on Climate Change and Glacier Dynamics subject.

Among national participants, Dr. Mumtaz Khan from Gomal University DI Khan chaired session on Agriculture System: Food Security and Environment, Dr. Muhammad Rizwan, Government College University Faisalabad chaired session on Environmental Pollution: Water Pollution and Treatment along Professor Wilson.

Dr. Daud Khan from Kohat University of Science and Technology, and Dr. Waqar Un Nisa from Islamic International University Islamabad, chaired session on Food security and environment-2.

Dr. Zia Ur Rehman and Dr Bilal Shakoor chaired the session on Environmental Pollution: Water Pollution and Treatment while the session on Agriculture System and Environment was chaired by Prof. Mohammad Akmal from KPK university of Agriculture Peshawar along Co-Chair: Dr. Muhammad Waseem of GCU, Faisalabad.

The chairs for session on Air Pollution and Control Urbanization and Built Environment Land Pollution and Remediation were Prof. Mohammad Maroof Shah, Prof. Mushtaq Khan Jadoon and Prof. M. Irshad from COMSATS University Abbottabad.

The session chairs for Marine Environment and Coastal Management Water Resources and Environmental Management were Dr. Zaigham Abbas, Director Chemicals, Ministry of climate change, and Dr. Shafaqat Ali, GCU Faisalabad.

Dr. Muhammad Riaz and Dr. Ansa Rukya from Bahria University Islamabad convened the Session Air Pollution and Control, while Dr Nazir Ahamd Khana along Dr. Amjad Hassan were session chairs for Urbanization and Built Environment.

Dr. Muhammad Rizwan (GCU- Faisalabad) along Dr. Faiz Rabbani of CUI Vehari campus conducted the session on Health, Safety and Environment Green Technology and Alternate Energy.

Dr. Lee Wilson along Dr. Zaigham Abbas chaired a special session on Emerging Pollutants from assessment to remediation.

Finally, Dr. Muhammad Arshad and Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khokhar (NUST), Dr Muhammad Bilal from COMSATS Abbottabad along Prof. Samina Shakeel from Quaid I Azam University convened a session on Green Technology and Alternate Energy.

About 50 posters were presented by the participants in the conference, out of which 3 best posters have been selected by the jury comprising Prof. Lee D. Wilson, Prof. M. Irshad and Dr. Faridullah.

Following key recommendations were made during the conference;

  1. There is need to sensitize the environmental degradation and its impacts among public,
  2. Need to promote low cost sustainable solutions for solid waste management,
  3. Harnessing renewable sources of energy,
  4. Protecting water resources through public or private waste treatment plants at point sources,
  5. Ensuring food security through safer use of chemicals likes pesticides and fertilizers
  6. Climate change adaptation awareness.

Another feature of ESDev 2019 was recreational trip to Ayubia National Park which was very cherished by the participants, especially our respected foreign delegates.

The Secretary of the Conference requested all stakeholders to extend their cooperation to protect the environmental quality of Pakistan and for the promotion of knowledge through establishment of Environmental Society of Pakistan.

He also added that in the recognition of our responsibility of environmental protection, by the grace of Almighty Allah, we have started the campaign to plant 100000 trees in Abbottabad today. The Secretary moreover thanked the foreign delegates and collaborators especially Prof. Wilson and Prof. Shiyin Liu for attending this conference andextended the heartfelt gratitude everyone for the graceful presence in the conference. He added that we are grateful to Worthy Director COMSATS University, Abbottabad Campus Prof. Arshid Pervez for his active support and genuine help in the whole arrangement of this conference and also respectfully acknowledge the cooperation of Honorable Rector Prof. Raheel Qamar (TI) for gracing the occasion with his presence in spite of his hectic schedule.

Huge appreciations were extended to Prof. Muhammad Irshad, Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences and all the colleagues of the ES Department for the tremendous hard-work they have done for this event. Without their active support, the conference was not possible. The cooperation of security staff, treasurer office, purchase office, IT Department and Head of student’s affairs was highly appreciated. Huge thanks to Prof. S.M. Junaid Zaidi, Executive Director COMSATS was extended for financial support to invite foreign delegates.

Finally, the Secretary of the Conference said that we are highly thankful to our sponsors. These include COMSATS University Abbottabad campus, COMSATS Head Quarter, UNDP, Ministry of Climate Change, NTS, Qarshi, Musaji Adam and Sons, Kims, Volta, Tropicana and all other sponsors.



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