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Faculty Positions for Spring 2016

CIIT invites applications for the Faculty Positions. Deadline to submit applications is November 30, 2015.

The details are:

Sr. no Position Area of Specialization
1 Professor Mathematics
Earth Sciences (Paleontology)
Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)
Computer Science (Computer Science, Telecommunication &  Networking and Software Engineering)
2 Associate Professor  Mathematics
Earth Sciences (Hydrogeology, Geography / Remote Sensing & GIS)
Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice & Pharmaceutics)
Environmental Science (Climate Change, Atmospheric Pollution &  Hydrology)
Civil Engineering (Struttural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering  Tranporation Engineering & Water Resources)
Computer Science (Computer Science, Telecommunication &  Networking and Software Enginering)
Development Studies (Development Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, International  Relations, and Gender Studies, Conflict, Peace and Development Studies)
3 Assistant Professor Humanities(English)
Earth Sciences (GIS and  Remote Sensing & Geophysics)
Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering, Construction Engineering &  Management, Strutural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Tranporation  Engineering & Water Resources)
Computer Science (Computer Science, Telecommunication &  Networking and Software Engineering)
Devlopment Studies (Devlopment Studies, Sociology, Anthropology,  International Relations, and Gender Studies, Conflict, Peace and  Devlopment Studies)
Environmental Science(Bioinformatics, Health biotechnology, Energy, Climate  Change, Atmospheric Pollution & Hydrology)
4 Lecturer Humanities (English, Islamic Studies & Pakistan Studies)
Mathematics (Mathematics & Statistics)
Earth Sciences(Geophysics, Geology & Mineralogy and Petrology)
Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering & Management, Structural Engineering,  and Geotechnical Engineering)
Computer Science( Computer Science, Telecommunication &  Networking and Software Engineering)
Electrical Engineering (Power)
5 Research Associate Development Studies 

The newspaper advertisement is available here. For details on eligibility criteria, please click here.The application forms can be downloaded in .doc and .pdf formats.

How to apply?

Kindly send job application form along with CV, copies of testimonials, valid NTS GAT Test (for Non Ph.D) and demand draft/pay order amounting to Rs.500/- in favour of ‘COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Abbottabad’ at the following address but not later than November 30, 2015.

Deputy Registrar (Establishment)
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
University Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Ph. +92-992-383591-6, Ext: 346
Fax: +92-992-383441


  • For registration and further details regarding NTS GAT (Subject/General) test for faculty position (Non Ph.D), kindly click here.

  • The said test for CIIT Abbottabad Campus will be held on December 13, 2015 at CIIT Abbottabad Campus.

  • Registered applicants are requested to reach the test vanue till 09:00AM and also bring original CNIC, original NTS deposit slip and Roll No. Slip (sent by NTS) along with them.



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