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Career Counseling and future prospects

Career counseling session for the Government Girls Comprehensive Higher Secondary School,  Abbottabad.

COMSATS Abbottabad organized a career counseling session in the Government Girls Comprehensive Higher Secondary School Abbottabad on December 11, 2015 at 10:00 am under the Corporate Social Responsibility. Mr. Aziz Ullah Sayal, Assistant Professor of Management Sciences department delivered the career counseling session.  Saadia Munir, Assistant Registrar (G) from administration section of CIIT Abbottabad, accompanied Mr. Sayal for the said talk and was coordinating the activity.

The school was built in 1971 along with another three schools in KPK, i.e. Peshawar, Bannu, Kohat. The school is situated at the Mall road of Abbottabad. It is accommodating 3000 girls of Abbottabad and the surrounding region. The majority of the students are not financially very sound, yet they are eager to seek education. The staff at the school is very encouraging and supportive towards the students. Mrs. Rizwana Saeed is the Principal at the school and Ms. Rafia Jadoon is a senior science teacher and incharge co- curricular activities, who was the main focal person from the school. Ms. Rafia Jadoon made the session possible by encouraging more than a 100 female students to attend. Majority of the girls were from the HSSC-II and class 10th. All the faculty and staff were convinced that this counseling session is what our female youth requires at this stage. They need encouragement and support to be able to build self-confidence and do something worthwhile with their lives.

Mr. Sayal delivered his lecture on the career counseling and future prospects, keeping in focus the female audience. He spoke about the need for counseling, different components of counseling, what are different personality zones that one must be aware of, a SWOT analysis of a person, and gave examples of different women who were at very good places in their careers internationally and at national level. The talk motivated the young girls and they were very avid listeners. He briefed about the future prospects for these young girls, what they can achieve if they build self-confidence among themselves. The world to them is just between their home, city and the school. He guided them that there is a big world outside where they have to be cautious of the threats and weaknesses, while exploiting the various opportunities and utilize their strengths in the most befitting manner. There are various other professions for females these days other than becoming a doctor or engineer.  

The school’s children were very talented. Habiba Sabir has won first prize in QIraat, in All Pakistan competition arranged by the Elementary and Secondary Education department. Maria Qureshi and Haleema Samar secured first prizes in Provincial Level English and Urdu debated competitions. Syeda Ghousia Qazmi won first prize in All Pakistan Naat competition held by Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. The above competition will be broadcasted nationally on 12 Rabbi ul Awal.  Mr. Aziz Ullah Sayal presented Ghousia with a cash prize for her encouragement.

The Principal as well as the staff members were very thankful and convinced that this session is very important for their girls. The school and the administration were happy with the visit and requested for such sessions to be held on regular basis. The school presented their guests with souvenirs in appreciation.

Feedback forms were circulated among the students at the end of the session, whereby a lot of students were encouraged and were able to provide their own viewpoint on what they wanted to become and were also keen on getting information about any workshops/ seminars/ open houses at CIIT Abbottabad.

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