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PhD Defence: Ms. Abda Khalid of Develpment Studies

PhD defensc: Abda Khalid

Abda Khalid gave her trial lecture on "Implications of pluralistic legal orders in Tribal Societies: A theoretical Review" on Thursday 28 January at 10:15.

The lecture and the defense took place at the auditorium at SKP

By Josie Teurlings

The title of her PhD thesis is: Exploring Gendered Dimensions of Ownership, Access and Use of Land-Based Resources in Post Crisis Swat, Pakistan

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:

10:15 Trial lecture
12:45 Public Defence

Place: Auditorium in SKP (nr 61 on the map)

Evaluation committee:

  • Professor Masooda Bano, Department of International Development, Oxford University, UK
  • Professor Shaheen Sardar Ali, Warwick Law School, University of Warwick, UK
  • Associate Professor Kirsti Stuvøy, Noragric, NMBU


  • Associate Professor Ingrid Nyborg, Noragric
  • Associate Professor Bahadar Nawab Khattak, COMSATS, Pakistan

The research:

Exploring Gendered Dimensions of Ownership, Access and Use of Land-Based Resources in Post Crisis Swat, Pakistan

Gendered dimensions of ownership, access and use of land-based resources in rural economies in Pakistan are still negotiable and under-researched. Not only is land ownership highly gendered, but also it is underpinned by multiple power dynamics. Such issues become more complicated and complex in traditional and culturally strict societies like those present in the Swat Valley, Pakistan.

Strict gender roles, highly gendered access to resources, and legal pluralism attached to various dimensions of ownership, inheritance and access, make the situation challenging to study and understand. In addition, Swat underwent two overlapping disasters, i.e. militancy and a severe flood, which created a ‘complex emergency’ and further complicated the situation. Men and women recovering from the effects of militancy in the area were soon hit by a devastating flood and reverted to early recoverymode. As a result, Swat society has seen changes in social structures and gender relations that were hitherto unknown. This study aimed to explore and understand the gender dimensions of different legal and practical systems involving land use, ownership, distribution, and access in post-crisis Swat.



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