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Orientation Session Spring 2016

Orientation session for Spring 2016 intake was conducted at 2:00 pm on February 29, 2016 at the main auditorium of CIIT Abbottabad. 

Students availing hostel facility started arriving at 9:00 am, others came at 10:00 am onwards. They had an interaction session with the existing students and the department's faculty at the departmental stalls. A reception desk was formed near the campus gate for the information and facilitaton of the arriving students and parents. 

The session started at 2:00 pm by the recitation of the holy quran. The reciting student was from among the new students. Col. Anjum Shah introduced and invited the Heads of various departments. Mr. Aziz Ullah Sayal gave an elaborate presentation on the campus, the rules, academic policies, dates and deadlines, dress code, attendance requirements, and general informaiton that will help the students in their academics each semester. 

The session concluded with light refreshemnts offered to the students and their parents.

Mr. Aziz Ullah Sayal briefing students in orientation.

For more pictures please visit this link. 



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