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87th and 88th Convocation of CIIT Abbottabad

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad held its 87th and 88th convocations respectively on April 04,2016. In the morning session 87th Convocation was organized, while  88th  Convocation was held in the afternoon. Total 484 Students, including 226 from the Faculty of Engineering and 258 students from  the Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Sciences, after successfully completing their academic tenure finally received degrees. 

Auzair Mahmood awarded the medals by the Rector CIIT Abbottabad.

Rector COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Dr.Syed Muhammad Junaid Zaidi   graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. While addressing the graduating students he declared that our country is passing through the toughest times ever. It has brought numerous challenges for our young generation and has placed enormous burden of responsibility and deliverance on it. So today we need to work harder, more creatively, and more collaboratively to fulfill the gigantic task of nation building .He stressed that we have been  living in an era where we have to  lead  together. Our mission must be to advance human health, inspire innovation  and  enhance the quality of life.

He stated that youth is the most powerful asset of any nation. He advised the students to make  sure  that they  are different than all  the other generations. He urged them to use the power  of knowledge  for grand purposes and get  ready to make all the impossible tasks possible. He said that it is the only way to create a new and better Pakistan which no other generation could accomplish earlier.

He also thanked the guests and congratulated the graduating students and their parents on one of the most prized moments of their lives. He encouraged them to begin their practical life by upholding the principles of commitment, sincerity and devotion and to continue their efforts with complete honesty and impartiality for the progress and well being of Pakistan.

In his address he reiterated the fact that it is age the of knowledge revolution and only nations with better ability to use it will progress. He emphasized that our youth has to play a significant role  in nation building. He urged the students to render their untiring efforts  in shaping the future of Pakistan. He further advised them to believe in their abilities and embark upon an exciting yet daunting journey by maintaining the  virtues of honour, integrity and selfless devotion. He expressed his firm faith that COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad has instilled in  its students all the traits necessary to  shape and govern every single day of  their professional life. 

While presenting  the report on the occasion the Campus Director Professor Dr.Khan Gul Jadoon expressed his complete satisfaction over the Institute’s excellent performance  and successful achievements  in the   academic and research spheres. He said that CIIT Abbottabad’s success  is the result of  its  faculty  and  staff’s uphill battle over the years. He stated that COMSATS Abbottabad campus since its inception in 2001 has achieved phenomenal  growth. CIIT Abbottabad now ranks high among the educational institutes of the country. Though it started off with student intake of mere 121, but now serves as an educational hub for more than 6000 students in 17 undergraduate and 24 graduate programs, with 575 faculty members among which 200 are PhD’s. He said that the faculty of CIIT Abbottabad has always been active at research activities and currently 50 research projects are on its credit

The worthy Director also appreciated Abbottabad Campus for always being on the fore fronts in the times of national disasters like Earthquakes and floods. He stated that recently the faculty  members of CIIT Abbottabad  provided their full financial support and contributed  millions of  rupees to support the helpless people of Kohistan and Charsadda.Currently concepts like “adopt a student”, “adopt a family”, and “adopt a village” are being devised for long term rehabilitation of flood victims. He also apprised the audiences about CIIT Abbottabad being an ISO 9001:2008 certified academic institution. He said this single honor clearly speaks of its adherence to the academic standards management at International level.

22 students with distinctions were also awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

As per details from Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering Ahmed Rathore with 3.78 CGPA received Institute as well as Campus Gold Medals, Mahmood Ul Haq with 3.67 CGPA received Campus Silver Medal, while Rida Fatima and Talha Iqbal with 3.59  CGPA  were  awarded  Campus Bronze medal. Muhammad Ebrar with 3.74 CGPA  from Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Power) Engineeringreceived  Campus Gold Medal where as  Syed Abdul Sami  with 3.71 CGPA  got  Campus Silver Medal and  Arham Ilyas with 3.64 was awarded  Campus Bronze Medal.Similarlyfrom Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Computer) Engineering Ahsan Raza with 3.69 CGPA received Campus Gold Medal, Qasim Ali Khan with 3.62 CGPA got Campus Silver Medal, and Faisal Saleem with 3.55 CGPA was awarded Campus Bronze Medal.

Among other medal winners Mariam Mahmood   with  3.95  CGPA   from     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  received  Institute as well as Campus  Gold Medals. Anam Bashir with 3.77  CGPA got Campus Silver  and Institute Bronze Medal respectively. Moreover, from Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences, Auzair Mahmood with 3.87  CGPA was  awarded  Institute as well as Campus Gold  medals. Similarly Faran Malik received Campus Silver Medal with 3.7 CGPA and Abdullah Khan with 3.63 CGPA grabbed Campus Bronze Medal. From Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences Ayesha Iftikhar with 3.73 CGPA received Campus Gold Medal. From Master of  Buisness Administration Qadeer Ahmad with 3.67 CGPA was awarded Campus Gold Medal, Faisal Elahi with 3.58 CGPA got Campus Silver Medal and Seemi Naveed with 3.52 CGPA got  Campus Bronze Medal. Ansar with 3.73 CGPA from Master of Development Studies grabbed Campus Gold Medal, while Aroosa Tahir with 3.55 CGPA received Campus Silver Medal. Ishtiaq Khan with 3.69  CGPA was awarded  Campus Bronze Medal.From Bachelor of Science in Computer SciencesAhmad Usama Tariq with 3.65  CGPA  received Campus Gold  Medal.



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