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Students of two Govt. Primary schools in Dhamtour paid a visit to CIIT Abbottabad

Govt. Primary Model School of girls and Govt. Primary Model School for boys visited CIIT Abbottabad on April 18 and 19th. The teachers of both the schools brought the students in CIIT buses. Director of the campus welcomed them near the administration block. Ms. Saadia Munir, Assistant Registrar (General) took the students for a general visit of the campus. Showed them the boys hostel, campus mosque, research labs.

They saw a microscope in the research labs of pharmacy for the first time. The Research Associate in the lab demonstrated to the students, the water cleaning machanism and told them the Algae culture. 

They visited the chemistry labs and saw what a beaker and Funnel looks like. They next went to the Main auditorium, Z-Block, Library, and came to the cricket grounds where they had some refreshments.

The students were distributed the stationary gift pouches while they were getting on the buses and going back to their schools.  The students really admired the university set-up and looked forward to wokring hard and opting for higher education. 

Students from Girls Primary school chanting slogans of Anti-Corruption.

Students from Boys Primary school in Pharmacy lab.

For more phographs, please go to this link.



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