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Activity in Govt. Primary Schools Dhamtour

IEEE CIIT Abbottabad's students conducted two sessions for the Government Primary school students on June 3, 2016. Boys school and the girls school both had students from primary section who attended the sessions. 

Boys school has an established computer lab that was donated by CIIT Abbottabad, the students attended the sessions on those computers. Ms Rabya Bahadur, AP Electrical Engineering department coordinated the activity with the help of the students of IEEE CIIT Abbottabad. The students were briefed a little about the computers, uses and how they are benficial to the students, and how getting education and working hard is good for them. They learnt some basic tips of the computers and their use. An interactive session with the students took place with candies as prizes for the correct answers. They were shown educational videos on "The Water Cycle" and the "Universe"

Girls section is not having an established lab as yet, but their name is under consideration for the donation. The students of the class five attended the session which was conducted by two female and two male students of BEE, and BSE and coordinated by Ms. Saadia Munir, Assistant Registrar (General). The students of the girls school were shown a clip on enrollment drive for the children who are not in schools. How a little girl who collects things from garbage, is helped by a student of University in Karachi to get education and become a doctor. This inspired the young students to learn things and get higher education.

Both the schools' Principals thanked the visit and appreciated the help and knowledge provided to them. The water cycle video was appreciated by the teachers as the same was to be taught in the science books in coming days. The video helped the students in getting a clear picture of what is a water cycle.

The following students from IEEE CIIT Abbottabad chapter conducted the activity in both the schools in groups of two:

Umer Shafie Bhatti     (Fa13-bee-006)

Muhammad Ali Khan (Sp13-bee-008)

Baidar Bukht              (Sp13-epe-049)

Syed Azaz Ul Hassan  (Fa14-bse-082)

Muhammad Saeed Ul Hassan Raza       (Fa14-bce-001)

Faiza Nazar                  (Fa14-bse-233)

Bibi Amina Batool       (Fa14-bse-123)

Aimen Zafar                 (Fa15-bcs-071)  


For pictures please visit this link.




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