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The 1st PhD graduate of Biotechnology at CIIT Abbottabad

It is a matter of honor for CIIT Abbottabad in general and the Department of Environmental Sciences in particular that Miss Ummara Waheed, successfully defended her PhD thesis/dissertation in BIOTECHNOLOGY on September 26, 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Maroof Shah.   Miss Ummara is 9th in the series of PhD graduates from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, 5th in the Department of Environmental Sciences and 1st (pioneer) in Biotechnology. 
Prior to that, she completed her Masters of Sciences (MS) in Environmental Sciences from CIIT Abbottabad majoring in the area of Plant Biotechnology (chromosome pairing related gene in wheat) under the same supervisor Dr. Mohammad Maroof Shah in 2008. 
Miss Ummara chose a challenging project of wheat and barley transformation, an important and global issue in cereal crops throughout the world.  She successfully achieved the stipulated objectives to highly satisfactory level with identification of high potential wheat for regeneration and stable barley transformants. 
She has produced 06 research articles from her PhD work. In addition to this, she was successful in wining and completing 2 Research projects during her PhD program from the Directorate of Science and Technology KPK Govt. and from CIIT.
She was also awarded an overseas scholarship under International Research Support Initiative Program (IRSIP) of HEC Pakistan for John Innes Center, UK, where she has completed one of the important objectives of her research in transformation of cereals.
We congratulate her on completion of her PhD and firmly believe that her expertise will be utilized in the best interest of humanity and this nation. We also hope that she would continue her research endeavours in a true benefiting way.



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