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Public Outreach: Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kothiyala

Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kothiyala is at one and a half hours drive from CIIT Abbottabad. Dr. Saira Azhar, AP Pharmacy department visited the school with Ms. Saadia Munir, Assistant registrar (General) for a lecture on career options and various possiblities available to the student in Pharmacy field. There were about 110 female students attending the session. 

The Principal and all the teachers belonged to Abbottabad city and reached Kothiyala everyday after traveling a long distance. The students at the school were from the under-previlaged areas of the region but had great aspirations to become someone and work hard for a better future. They were eager to know various aspects of higher study and enquired about various topics at the end of the session. 

Dr Saira encouraged the students to follow their dreams and to find out what they liked or wanted to become in their future. Ms. Saadia and Dr. Saira answered the questions of the students at the end of the session.


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