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Rock Cutting Lab of Earth Sciences department

Earth Sciences department of CIIT Abbottabad has installed state of the art equipment in their Rock Cutting lab. The general features of the euipments with photographs are: 

GEOFORM Thin Sectioning and Grinding Machine

GEOFORM is a precision thin sectioning instrument for mineralogy, combining cutting and grinding functions. With the cutting module, using diamond or CBN wheels up to 200mm diameter, the specimen is fixed on a holder with a vacuum and re-sectioned up to a thickness of approx 0.5mm. Water cooling avoids deformation.


The grinding module is designed for precision grinding. A universal vacuum holder accepts different sizes of glass slides by changing the location pins. A vacuum pump delivered as standard holds the glass slide fixed on the holder during the grinding process. A built in digital micrometer ensures high precision and the specimen is ground with an accuracy of 2 microns.


FORCIPOL 1V Grinding and Polishing System

The Kemet preparation systems are suitable for all metallographic applications such as grinding, lapping and polishing. The Kemet FORCIPOL 1V Grinder and Polisher have a variable speed between 50-600 rpm. It is suitable for both manual and automatic operation.

The FORCIPOL is highly durable. The drive elements are fixed on heavy duty aluminum alloy casting. The wheels are mounted on ball bearings allowing the application of high pressures to prepare even large specimens. Ball bearings provide quiet and vibration free operation. Water inlet and flexible water outlets with control valves for wet grinding are standard features. Motor on / off and water on / off buttons are mounted on the front panel.

When the number of specimens to be prepared increases, FORCIPOL machines can be fitted with FORCIMAT automatic head for automation. FORCIMAT automatic head provides high rate of sample preparation and frees the operator from grinding and polishing procedures. FORCIMAT applies individual pressure on each sample and can prepare 6 samples simultaneously.


VACUMET Vacuum Impregnation

VACUMET is designed for embedding and impregnation of porous materials. It removes the trapped air from the mounting material and eliminates the gaps between the specimen and the resin.

Most mineralogical specimen have porosities, cavities and cracks and therefore need to be embedded under vacuum. VACUMET fulfils this requirement easily and efficiently. In addition, it can also be used for glueing specimens onto glass slides for further processing in thin section preparation.

VACUMET is supplied with one set of supplies for casting epoxy resins. Optional Vacumet consumable kit (10 cups, 10 silicone tubes, resin & hardener) available.


In addition to the above lab, the department also has a high resolution Microscope mounted with Camera and Illuminator.


High resolution microscope mounted with Camera and Illuminator.

Universal Epi-Illuminator: LV-UEPI-N


The LV-UEPI2 universal episcopic illuminator is equipped with advanced optics suitable for a wide variety of observation methods—brightfield, darkfield, DIC and epifluorescence. It allows the operator to concentrate on the observation by automatically maintaining optimal illumination conditions for the aperture diaphragm, shutter, filters, including diffuser and ND filter.




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