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Public Outreach session in Govt. Degree College, Nawansher

Govt. Girls Degree College, Nawansher with it's audience of more than 80 students attended a Public Outreach session conducted by Dr. Aneela Maalik and Dr. Aliya Ibrar from Chemistry Department of CIIT Abbottabad. 

There were students from Sciences and Arts backgrounds. They found out the various state of the art technologies in Chemistry and also what CIIT Abbottabad's faculty was pursuing currently in terms of research and productivity. Dr Aneela elaborated on how Chemistry was an Allied subject and since all the fields are merging in this century, Chemistry has a big role in scientific development. The students were keen and asked quite a few questions from the team.

The session was concluded with a questions and answer session. The visit was well coordinated with the help of the Principal of the college who consented to have the session. 




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