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Public Outreach: Dr Nadia Riaz and Dr Nosheen Mirza visited Hazara Public College, Haripur and The Concept Academy, Haripur

Dr. Nadia Riaz and Dr. Nosheen Mirza, Assistant Professors of Environmental Sciences Department visited the College and the academy one after the other on January 24, 2017. Dr Nadia gave a brief talk on Environmental Sciences, and it's future career options available to the students from all backgrounds in Hazara Public College, Haripur. Dr. Nosheen MIrza then gave students various career related guidance and what CIIT is doing in the area. About 200 boys attended the session followed by approximately same number of girls attended the same talk. The college mangement was interested in having their students visit CIIT Abbottabad sometime in future.

Professor Javaid Muhammad, founder of the Concept Academy, Haripur heartily consented to have our speakers, brief the students of his academy in short. About 50 students attended that session after 3:30 pm. Both speakers guided the academy students in their various quesitons and also explained ot them about their field and what you are doing. 

At the end of the session, feedback forms were circulated, and Dr Nadia Riaz also distributed CIIT campus calendars among the Principals. The students were concerned that the fee structure was high at CIIT Abbottabad and were eager to know about various scholarships. 

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