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One Day Skiing Trip to Mushkpuri Top

One day skiing trip to mushkpuri top was arranged by Dr Shakir Hafeez, AP Management Sciences Department. The fauclty who participated include Prof. Dr Amjad Farid Hasnu, Prof. Dr Shehla Amjad, Dr Amjad Hassan , Dr Bilal bin Saeed, Dr Sidiq ulla Baig, Mr. Umar Hassan, and Engr. Nauman Tareen.

Sixty students were among the participants. It was an hour and half hike from Dunga-Gali to Mushkpuri top. After reaching the top all the participants completed five rounds of skiing. For the awareness of students and tourist, on our way back 30 bin bags of trash were collected to clean the naturally beautiful track. It was an overall successfull and most enjoyable journey and trekking expedition.




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