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Prof. Emeritus Jeffrey D. Ullman from Stanford University delivered a video lecture

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey D. Ullman of Stanford University delivered a video linked lecture at CIIT Abbottabad to the students and faculty on 8th November 2017. Director Abbottabad campus was a part of the session. The session was very informative, where Dr Jeff briefed the students on parallelism, Artificial Intelligence, Automata Theory, and the scope of Computer Science. He pondered on the possibility of robots being self-aware in near future. He discussed about how the future of Computer Science is changing the way we look at work and jobs. There is a high possibility of a large number of jobs taken over by robots. He said, Artificial Intelligence is improving by leaps and bounds and the term self-aware robots is today's buzz-word.  

The session was followed by Question and Answer session. The session was also attended live by the students and faculty of the University of Wah at their university. The professor answered their questions too. He was happy with the interest shown by the students in the modern day technologies and the future possibilities of information technology.



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