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Emotional Intelligence by Mr. Kamran Rizvi from School of Leadership

Mr. Kamran Rizvi is Founding Director, trainer, executive coach, keynote speaker and consultant at School of Leadership, and brings with him a wealth of cross-cultural management and leadership experience having worked in Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East for over 30 years. His areas of Expertise include Behavioral Change, Meaningful Communication, and Life & Leadership.   SoulFully Yours is the initiative of School of Leadership, under which Mr. Kamran Rizvi visited CIIT Abbottabad on Monday, December 11, 2017 from. Mr. Omar Hassan, Assistant Professor of Management Sciences department and his team were played a leading role in the conduct of the event.
A large number of students and faculty from the Management Sciences department and quite a few from administration attended the talk on Emotional Intelligence. Mr. Kamran Rizvi spoke about basic formulas of leading  lives with full vigor and passion. He talked about "Khabt", "Zabt" and "Rabt", and how all three are interconnected. He encouraged the faculty and senior people in the audience to think of the youth by being at their level, by applying a reverse gear in their years while dealing with children. He gave numerous examples from his own life and his experiences in order to convey the messages. He has a number of books published on various topics of behavioral change, Motivation and leadership. The students were very engaged in his talk and sat straight through the two hours session. The talk concluded with presentation of a souvenir and the speaker obliged the students when they sought selfies with him. 



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