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Avance™ III HD NanoBay 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer at COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus

Avance™ III HD NanoBay 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer at the Department of Chemistry of COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad campus is a fully equipped modern facility. The new Avance™ III HD NanoBay NMR device is a highly integrated state-of-the-art broadband NMR spectrometer ever. The novel NanoBay design places Bruker’s high-performance HD NMR spectrometer technology into an exceptionally compact enclosure.

The NanoBay delivers high productivity and highest-quality NMR information for pharmaceutical and industrial chemists, for academic research and teaching, as well as for food analysis, diagnostics research and other small molecule applications.


  • Broadband compact design high end NMR spectrometer
  • Easy setting in small analytical laboratories
  • Based on latest Avance™ III HD spectrometer technology
  • Ready for CryoProbe applications based on built-in preamplifiers
  • Includes most stable and compact Ascend™ magnet technology
  • Intuitive routine user interface TopSpin™
  • Highest X-nuclei sensitivity combined with excellent proton sensitivity
  • Single probe for direct and indirect detection experiments
  • Increases efficiency and throughput in automation
  • Broadband channel tunable from 15N to 19F under full automation with Bruker ATMTM
  • 19F applications including 1H decoupling and vice versa.

The SmartProbe™ delivers highest sensitivity on both the multinuclear and proton channel. Its design exclusively features a broadband frequency channel enabling fully automated applications on protons and the widest range of X-nuclei.

For maximum flexibility switching nuclei and probe tuning and matching is performed completely automatically using our ATM™ technology. A further key feature which the probe offers is the ability to observe 19F with 1H decoupling and to perform two-dimensional 1H/19F spectroscopy with superior quality. As two separate coils are used for these two nuclei, artefacts common with double tuning of one coil are eliminated.

The high-performance Z-gradient has been designed for highest linearity and shortest gradient recovery times. Combined with its excellent line shape, this probe facilitates superior single or multiple solvent suppression using pre-saturation or pulsed field gradients as required for samples from reaction control, biological samples, and body fluids. The SmartProbe™ is the ideal probe for a wide range of applications from routine 1H NMR measurements on small molecules to advanced research applications including inverse experiments requiring excellent solvent suppression.


Samples and Certification Samples can be submitted for preparation, spectrometer optimization, and acquisition by facility staff. Samples shall be only returned when requested so, otherwise, all samples will be discarded. A minimum amount of 10-20 mg is required for nicer results while it must be soluble in some common deuterated NMR solvent.


New Bruker Avance III HD 400 NMR with ProTune

  • 1H-19F/15N to 31P with auto tuning “one NMR Probe”
  • 1H/19F/13C/31P detection
  • Quartz insert - no 11B background
  • Two Inova spectrometer
  • Mercury console with Robotic Sample Handling


Experienced NMR facility staff is available for academic, government, and commercial client sample submission, NMR optimization and acquisition, and analysis.


Contact Us

Incharge, NMR Lab

Department of Chemistry

COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus

Abbottabad-22060, Pakistan

Phone: +92 992 383591—5 (five lines) (Ext. 211)

UAN: +92 992 111 001 007 (Ext. 211)

Fax: +92 992 383441




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