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Visit of Sudents from University of Malakand 2 August 2021

Visit of BS Biotechnology Students from the University of Malakand

2 August 2021

A delegation of BS Students from the University of Malakand along with their teachers Dr. Tariq Khan and Dr. Yasir visited the Department of Biotechnology, COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus. The purpose of this visit was to apprise the students of the available teaching and research facilities and to update them on the ongoing research activities of the Department of Biotechnology, Abbottabad Campus. The organizing committee from the host department included Dr. Abdul Rehman Khan, Dr. Basit Shah and lab in-charge of each lab. Dr. Basit Shah received the delegation. The guests were very warmly welcomed. Dr. Amjad Hassan, HoD, Biotechnology, made a brief presentation regarding the university, the department, faculty, and different research labs and the ongoing research activities. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Maroof Shah also shared his views on this occasion. After that, the delegation visited different departmental and project labs. First, the delegation visited Biotech Lab, accompanied by Dr. Yasar Sajjad who briefed about the projects of undergraduate students working in Biotech Lab. Then, they visited Genetic-engineering Lab, where Dr. Ayesha Baig informed them about the lab activities and ongoing projects. In the B-4 lab, Dr. Jamshaid Hussain explained the research projects. After that Photosynthesis Lab was visited by the delegation where they were briefed about the research project and experiments that are taking place in the lab. In the Abiotic stress Lab, Dr. Rafiq Ahmad explained the research activities of his lab. Mr. Zahid Ahmad Khan and Dr. Shahid Masood Shah described the activities of Epigenetics and crop improvement lab.  The delegation appreciated the research projects and research activities at the department. After a detailed visit, the guests were entertained with refreshments where they kept on discussing admission and research-related matters with the teachers. The teachers of the University of Malakand were presented with souvenirs by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Maroof Shah, Dr. Amjad Hassan and Dr. Raza Ahmad. The delegates thanked the organizers of this visit and the hospitality they received. The visit concluded with a group photo.

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