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Applied Mathematics

The details of Approved project from HEC are as follows:

  1. PI  Dr. Zakir Hussain
  2. Co-PI  Dr. Muhammad Ayub
  3. Project Title: Instability of MHD Poiseuille- Couette flow
  4. Approved Amount: PKR 0.380 million
  5. Approved Date: 20th 2013
  6. Project Duration: 09 months
  7. Funding Agency: Higher Education Commission

Analysis Group

 PI: Dr. Sultan Hussain
 Co-PI: Dr. Sami Awan
 Project Title: Valuation and Discrete Time Hedging of the Options in Jump-Diffusion Process
 Approved Amount: PKR 5.839056 million
 Approved Date: 3rd May, 2012
 Project Duration: 2 years
 Funding Agency: Higher Education Commission