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The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) initiated the proposal for the formation of Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in South (COMSATS). The (TWAS) at that time was headed by the Noble Laureate from Pakistan, Prof. Dr. Abd-ul-Salam. On his suggestion, the Foundation Conference was held in October 1994 in Islamabad. The Conference featured representatives of 36 countries and of various international organizations. The Conference unanimously adopted the resolution for the establishment of COMSATS.

COMSATS is an international organization, with its headquarter in Islamabad. The main objective of COMSATS is to sensitize developing countries to the centrality of science and technology in the process of development. COMSATS, right from its inception, has been supporting programs for the development of science and technology in developing countries. It has undertaken a number of programs in different areas to the benefit of the member countries.


COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus

Spanning an area of 308 Kanals, stands the grand structure of Abbottabad Campus of CUI. Imparting quality education, contributing effectively to the research base of Pakistan, providing state-of-the-art facilities to students, helping in social uplift of the community it is located in, the campus symbolizes a modern and progressive seat of learning. Abbottabad Campus became functional in July 2001, and the first academic session started in September 2001.

From a modest beginning with three departments and 121 student strength, three undergraduate programs and a physical structure comprising old World-War II barracks, emerged the leading institute of the region which has now twelve departments, student strength of 5672 (47 fold increase), 15 undergraduate programs, 24 graduate programs, and a qualified faculty strength of 386 including more than 212 PhDs and 90 modern laboratories. Our physical infrastructure emulates the best educational institutions in the country.

To meet the challenges of the National commitment to education, CUI Abbottabad plans, in the coming years, to launch 17 new departments with a focus on science led engineering, social, medical and agriculture sciences. Future of CUI Abbottabad campus is as challenging and exciting as the offerings of a wide array of contemporary disciplines offered to the coming generation of leaders and scientists. We do not distribute degrees; we breed a generation of leaders and live true to our Motto ‘We Aim to Inspire’


Degree Awarding Status

CUI attained the status of degree awarding institute vide the Presidential Ordinance No. XXXVIII issued on 12th August, 2000.