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Dr.Ali Ahmad Farooq
Head of Department

Mathematics is the key to all emerging fields like Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Management Science, and many others. One cannot do quality degrees and research in these fields without a sound mathematical background. The Department of Mathematics’ aim is to provide excellence in teaching and research by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practices. The department has highly qualified experienced faculty with 20 Ph.D and provides service to the other department of the university in mathematics courses.

For establishing effective research standards, the faculty members of the department are actively doing research in fields like Fluid Dynamics, General Relativity, Differential Equations, Commutative Algebra, Group Theory, Financial Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Biomathematics, and Fractional Calculus. They have published more than 600 high-quality research papers in international journals. The department has also established research collaborations with reputed international universities.

The department has MS program in mathematics duration of 2 years and our aim is to produce graduates with sound and quality research skills. 450 MS students have been produced by the department so far. Our graduates are providing services in different universities and colleges in the country. The spring of 2023 marked the beginning of the Ph.D. program.