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Dr Faridullah
Head of Department

Environment warrants concerted and consistent attention to maintain its sanctity as it sustains life on earth.  During the recent past we have witnessed high economic growth and a great boost in industrial production but all at the cost of environmental fidelity.  Overexploitation of natural resources and ruthless degradation of the environment has threatened the ecological infrastructure that is essential for the survival of all forms of life.  In order to bring a balance between human development and environmental protection scientific study of environment-related issues and exploring remedial techniques is needed.

Department of Environmental Sciences-established at Abbottabad campus in 2004, provides students and faculty with an ample opportunity to pursue their ambitions in this broad and multidisciplinary field to become enthusiastic and effective advocates of the environment.  The Department with its highly qualified faculty predominantly from internationally reputed institutions has expanded considerably since its inception.  We are offering BS, MS and PhD programs in Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology and Sustainable water Sanitation Health and Development. The programs seek to provide high quality laboratory-rich learning environment to the students. The aim is to foster motivation and inspire a lifelong commitment in our graduates to the earth for environmental responsibilities through such an education and research that are essential to understand and improve the environment at local, regional and global levels.