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Dr. Mohammad Qasim

Assistant Professor
Area of Interest: Structural Geology and Sedimentary Tectonics
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (92)992-383591-6
Academics/ Degrees
  • PhD (2017) Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS-TWAS China
  • BS (Pakistan)
Journal Publications
1. M. Qasim,J.I.Tanoli,L. Ding,Dr. Wahid Abbas,M.Jamil Foreland basin unconformity, Western Himalaya, Pakistan: timing gap, regional correlation and tectonic implications, Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 2023
2. J.I.Tanoli,Jadoon, I. A. K.,M. Qasim,S.T.H. Shah Application of bivariate statistical techniques for landslide susceptibility mapping: A case study in Kaghan valley, NW Pakistan, Geological Journal, 2023
3. Pan Bing,M. Qasim Occurrence of Tannuolina in the early Cambrian siltstones of the Hazara Basin, North Pakistan, and its biostratigraphical significance, Journal of the Geological Society, 2023
4. M. Qasim,J.I.Tanoli,L. Ding,Jadoon, I. A. K. The Early Paleocene Ranikot Formation, Sulaiman Fold-Thrust Belt, Pakistan: Detrital Zircon Provenance and Tectonic Implications, Minerals, 2023
5. M. Qasim,J.I.Tanoli,L. Ding,Jadoon, I. A. K. Exhumation of the Higher Himalaya: Insights from Detrital Zircon U–Pb Ages of the Oligocene–Miocene Chitarwatta Formation, Sulaiman Fold–Thrust Belt, Pakistan, Applied Sciences, 2023
6. Umar, M.,M. Qasim,M.Jamil Facies analysis and depositional framework of Late Permian-Jurassic sedimentary successions, Western Salt Range, Pakistan: implications for sequence stratigraphic trends and paleogeography of the Neo-Tethys Sea, Kuwait Journal Of Science, 2023
7. M. Qasim,J.I.Tanoli Provenance of the Late Cretaceous Pab Formation, Sulaiman fold-thrust belt, Pakistan: Insight from the Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology and Sandstone Petrography, Geological Journal, 2022
8. M.Awais,M. Qasim U(-Th)–Pb age and petrogenesis of Shigar leucogranites, Karakoram Metamorphic Complex, North Pakistan, Geological Journal, 2022
9. MMSS. Khan,M. Qasim A newly discovered Neoproterozoic diamictite-cap carbonate couplet from the Western Himalaya: The expansion of the Marinoan snowball Earth glaciation to the northwestern margin of the Indian Plate in North Pakistan, Precambrian Research, 2022
10. J.I.Tanoli,M. Qasim,Umbreen Umber Modified “Rockfall Hazard Rating System for Pakistan (RHRSP)”: An Application for Hazard and Risk Assessment along the Karakoram Highway, Northwest Pakista, Applied Sciences, 2022
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16. M.Arif,M. Qasim Petrology of granitoids from Indus syntaxis, northern Pakistan: Implications for Paleo-Proterozoic A-type magmatism in north-western Indian Plate, Geochemistry, April, 2021, 2021
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35. Wazir, B.,,Z. U. H. Abbassi, R. Yousaf, S. Bahadar, M. Hassan,M. Qasim,S.Daud,Jadoon, I. A. K. Hydrocarbon prospects and reserves in the Salt Range/Potwar Plateau. , SPE/PAPG Annual Technical Conference (November 26-27, 2013), Islamabad, p. 317-326., 2013