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Department of Development at CUI Abbottabad Campus was founded in 2004 with two years degree program entitled Masters of Development Studies (MDS). The tragic earthquake that hit the country in 2005, caused unprecedented miseries in the region and posed development challenges never confronted before. Although, both students and faculty from Development Studies offered untiring services along with public and private organizations in disaster response and rehabilitation phases but the incident stressed upon the need of research and skilled professionals in the very field of development studies.  Since then research and teaching in the subject has progressed exponentially and today department is offering degrees at Bachelors, MS and doctorate level covering the areas of Rural development, Disaster Management, Conflict resolution and peace, Gender studies, Governance and Project Management. The Department offers a wide range of opportunities in training and research for students looking for a career in the field of research, policy-making, and consultancies in national and multilateral organizations but at public and private institutions.