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Sports Facilities

CUI Abbottabad has always tried to maintain a balance of academic and extracurricular activities in order to groom our students into future professionals who are mentally, emotionally and physically ready for the competitive world of IT.

A) Fields and grounds

By the grace of Allah, CUI Abbottabad has large areas that are custom designed and well maintained as grounds, fields and courts for different sports activities like Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Athletics. For management, and promotion of each sport a staff member has a permanent charge. This sports officer is aided by sports coordinators selected from each department, that play a key role in the Students’ Week activities every semester.

Considering the fact that extracurricular activities provide students with important opportunities for personal development and growth outside the classroom. CUI Abbottabad campus has developed many modern and non-conventional facilities for the students.

B) Fitness and Weight Training Center for boys

A modern facility comprising all the necessary machines and equipment is available for the students in the Salman Firdaus Hostel. The students can use these facilities by paying nominal charges and becoming members of the fitness center. The upgradation and development of this facility is being done continuously.

C) Fitness and sports facilities for girls

A female fitness center was established in girls’ hostel in 2009 consisting of a variety of sports-related equipment, like Treadmill, Sun-banker, Tricycles, Nordic track, Body twisters, Lightweight for females 1-2 kilograms, Carrom board, skipping rope and related indoor sports facilities. In Students’ Week the assigned faculty incharge conduct competitions among girls inside the hostel premises. Girls can also participate in squash and table tennis.



  Dr.Sardar Muhammad Gulfam

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Engr. Nauman Khan Tareen

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Mr. Mukhtiar Zamin

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Mr.Syed Shahab Zarin

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Dr.Shakir Hafeez

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Dr.Akhter Rasheed

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Table Tennis


Engr.Muhammad Tufail

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Dr.Zulfiqar Ahmad Bhatti

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Cycling Club


Dr.Osman Khalid

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Mr.Salman Hassan

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Females Sports


Dr.Nadia Riaz

Ms.Nazia Bashir

Ms.Ayesha Rehman

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