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Engineering education is a perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of the relevant field. Perfect cohesion of both aspects is of paramount importance. Lab infrastructure of any Engineering institute requires constant evaluation process of development and modernization. Keeping this very important aspect in view, the Director COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad, envisaged the idea of creating Engineering Resource Centre (ERC) and implemented in January 2008.

Aim / Mission

ERC’s aim is a creation of comprehensive infrastructure consisting of the team of highly talented, devoted and visionary engineers, associate engineers and technicians to provide engineering support to all the labs of CIIT Abbottabad. It will also assist the Electrical Engineering Department in imparting quality education and conducting state of the art research. Beside this indigenously developed labs / electrical equipment will be marketed in the Engineering academic arena.

Achievements 2011-2013

  • Four Career Development workshops were arranged for fresh graduates like 5 days and 2 days workshop conducted on CV writing and interviewing skills.
  • A mega event is first ever Alumni reunion conducted for old COMSIANS
  • A session was conducted for new comers with old Alumni of 2001 on orientation day
  • Approximately 70 Jobs were arranged for Alumni in different multinational Organizations
  • Approximately 216 Internships were arranged for current students and Alumni in and outside the CIIT
  • Generating fund by selling of CIITEF tickets. Approx Rs. 200,000 has been generated.


  • Operation and maintenance of Electrical Engineering labs
  • Academic support in Electrical Engineering lab management – BS level.
  • Engineering lab Manuals publishing management
  • Development of new engineering Lab equipment / trainers
  • Working on industrial / engineering academic initiatives
  • Undergrad FYP projects hardware support
  • Continuous professional development of young engineers under PEC license of Professional Engineering Body.


  • Electrical Engineering Department
  • Computer Science Department
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Licient Labs Electrical Infra Structure Maintaince Support
  • Campus Fixed Electrical Infra Structure Maintaince support


ERC has two wings

  1. Academics
  2. R&D, Repair and Maintenance

Academics Wing:

ERC (Academics) is entrusted with following responsibilities with close association of EE Department.

  • Conduct of labs of Engineering Courses
  • Lab manuals publishing management
  • Arrangements of CPD training / workshops

Following are the engineering labs for which ERC is responsible of conducting the experiments.

  • Electronics Lab
  • Digital logic design lab
  • Microprocessor lab
  • Telecommunication Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Control System Lab
  • Instrumentation lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • High Voltage Engineering Lab
  • Machine Lab
  • Power System Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Project lab
  • Workshop
  • Hardware Lab

R & D Wing:

The (R & D) wing of Engineering Resource Center has a potential of doing different professional tasks that includes repairing and maintenance of electrical and electronics systems, reverse engineering, R&D of commercial products. ERC has proved all this by designing and development of different experimental trainers for electrical engineering labs, huge repairing of COMSATS electrical and electronics allied equipments and development of commercial products.

R & D Cell Responsibilities:

  • Preparing and managing the Lab data base inventory management system.
  • Auditing of ERC labs.
  • Stores management (Raw material, Consumable Finished products, Obsolete).
  • Repair & maintenance of whole Campus equipment.
  • Installing, Commissioning & functionality test reporting of newly arrived Engineering Based Equipments.
  • Feasibility of R&D and Reverse Engineering Projects.
  • Planning, Procurement of Consumable, Tools & Equipments.
  • Sorting of un- serviceable, malfunctioning, unused and items in disrepair and remedial action for their further disposal.
  • Organizing the use of equipment at their proper suitable lab.
  • Ensure all lab equipment in functional status.
  • Proper guidance, training and supervision of lab management regarding lab equipments utilization, safety and maintenance to labs technical staff.
  • To train the lab technical staff to handle fire hazards originating from different sources.
  • Ensure the calibration of equipments those needs to be calibrated.
  • Marketing of R&D products in different exhibitions like Pak- China business forum, VC forum, EXPO, PCSIR, different Universities etc.
  • Industrial Linkage.
  • Maintenance of UPS system in hostels.

R & D Cell Developments:

  • Established a Project Lab.
  • Established a High Voltage Lab.
  • Establishment of UPS clustering in SF Boys and Girls hostel
  • Installations & commissioning of generators in campus and different lab equipments.
  • Plays a vital role in different events organizing like EMCOT, Convocation etc
  • Technical Supervision of different Electrical & Electronics Projects


Following equipment were designed and developed by ERC

  • Moving iron Ampere Meter Trainer
  • 30V variable DC Power supply
  • 3-Phase AC-DC stabilized power supply
  • Single phase transformer
  • Synchronizing penal trainer
  • Industrial transformer trainer
  • Diode characteristics apparatus
  • Logic trainer
  • Variable speed drive based AC machine trainer
  • Student tool kit
  • Fire alarm system
  • Linear circuit trainer
  • Energy meter trainer
  • UPS (1000W / 2000W)
  • Variac (1800V)
  • Emergency lights
  • Resistive, Inductive, Capacitive loads
  • Stabilizers
  • Transmission line trainer
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Circuit-II trainer