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There is a severe shortage of qualified pharmacists in Pakistan as well as internationally. In view of the present and emerging needs of the pharmacy profession, COMSATS has recognized the dire situation and thus have decided to launch the Doctor of Pharmacy program at its Abbottabad Campus. The major theme behind this idea was to play an active role to foster the national healthcare needs through a broad-based higher and professional education of pharmacy. The Department of Pharmacy will enroll the pioneer students in Fall 2008. In order to deliver quality pharmaceutical education, the department has arranged excellent facilities and has the services of internationally qualified faculty members.

Market relevance

The role of pharmacist in the health care system is escalating day by day due to the introduction of uncounted new drugs, emergence of new resistant microbes, and the changes in health care delivery systems. Pharmacists are the third largest healthcare professional group in the world. Currently, there are about 6000 pharmacists in Pakistan, however, according to the WHO recommended pharmacist/population ratio of 1:2000 for optimal health care delivery, more than 75,000 pharmacists are required for the current population of the country. This situation has created a huge demand for more pharmacists. Not only this, there is also an international shortage of pharmacists.