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Academic Resources

The department prides itself on offering advanced facilities to its students. Not only do we strive for the best educational atmosphere but also make constant and continuous efforts to enhance and upgrade our facilities which include:

  • Fully equipped state-of-the-art training rooms.
  • Provision of all necessary training materials.
  • Lecture theaters and rooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities.
  • Advanced computing facilities.
  • Availability of high-speed wireless internet within the campus premises and networked environment.
  • Library – access to the latest books, foreign journals, and magazines, both on-shelf and online, and inter-university connections with other libraries.
  • Career Development Center – helping learners and students in planning, developing, and executing the right career paths. On-campus job fairs are also conducted for graduating students.
  • Alumni Association of COMSATS – providing an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater and to recognize the contribution of graduates towards the industry.
  • Center for Excellence in Research: supporting high-quality research within the department through promoting a research culture among staff, students, and industry linkages.Who we are

    The Department of Humanities oversees academic disciplines studying various aspects of society, state, and culture by focusing on language, literature, and social sciences. We foster investigation of humanity itself through the triangulation of approaches and methods to help students understand society, state, and culture, as well as human morality and values. We use an interdisciplinary approach to help our students develop critical thinking skills to shape their worldviews.