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Society Name:

IET OnCampus CUI Abbottabad Network.

Society Objectives:

Welcome to IET OnCampus CUI Abbottabad Network.

Working to Engineer a Better World.

We are the IET and we inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world.

As a diverse home across engineering and technology, we share knowledge that helps make better sense of the world to solve the challenges that matter.

That’s why we are uniquely placed to champion engineering.

We’ve come a long way – from the foundation of the Society of Telegraph Engineers in 1871 to the creation of the IET in 2006. The Institution of Engineering and Technology was formed in 2006 by the joining together of the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) and the IIE (Institution of Incorporated Engineers). This overview summarizes the history of the IET from its foundation in 1871.

We are one of the world’s largest engineering institutions with more than 155,000 engineering and technology professionals in 148 countries.

IET OnCampus CUI Abbottabad Network was registered with IET-UK in 2016.

The Society was started at CUI Abbottabad by Dr. Jawad Saleem who is the Faculty In charge of the society.

IET OnCampus has launched Robotics Club for Robotics and Automation enthusiasts. The domain of the club is the field of Computers and Robotics. We aim to provide a progressive community for everyone interested in the respective domain.

You’ll get chances to enhance your skills in different things on the computer. Python programming, Complex problem solving, Stem Robotics workshop, Graphic Designing Competition, Web development workshop, Seminar for briefing/counseling on top IT fields and their scope in today’s world etc will be held by this Club.

International Awards from IET UK.

1: Team IET OnCampus CUI Abbottabad has been recognized as “Most impactful” after judging by the IET-UK Judges.


2: Team IET OnCampus CUI Abbottabad has been recognized as “Most financially savvy” after judging by the IET-UK Judges.


IET OnCampus & IET Robotics Club Events.

  •  Different technology-related events are conducted by IET throughout the semester.
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board).
  • Present Around the World (PATW) Competition.
  • Neoteric Engineers.
  • World Telecommunication & Information Day.
  • Mobile Application Development using Flutter.
  • Circuit Implementation on Basic Platform.
  • Mini Project Exhibitions.
  • HOMER Pro Software
  • Art-related Events e.g., Logo Designing 
  • And many more.

Society Official social media Pages:

IET OnCampus Facebook Page Link:


IET Robotics Club Facebook Page Link:


IET OnCampus & IET Robotics Club Instagram account Link:



Faculty In charge:

Dr. Jawad Saleem

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, CUI Abbottabad Campus

IET OnCampus CUI Abbottabad Network:

Student Body:

Muhammad Zubair



Muhammad Zubair
Vice President & Treasurer
Hamza Ali HaiderGeneral Secretary:hamzaalihaider333@gmail.com
Laiba Noor

Social Media & online PR Managernlaiba027@gmail.com
Muhammad Raees Azam


IET Robotics Club CUI Abbottabad:

Muhammad Zubair

Muhammad Zubair
Vice President & Treasurer:
Shumaila Rafique
General Secretary:

Asma Nadeem

Social Media & online PR Manager:
Momina Mazhar