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Club Name:  COMSATS Abbottabad Cycling Club

Club Objectives:

The objective is to promote a healthy culture of cycling by encouraging faculty, staff, and students to come to the university on cycles, thus saving fuel costs and reducing environmental pollution. Moreover, the COMSATS Cycling Club will also conduct cycling rallies for various good causes, e.g., anti-drugs rallies, fund raising rallies to support flood victims or cancer patients, and so on. This will also allow us to represent and promote COMSATS on national and international forums. The following are the specific objectives:

  1. To encourage the students, faculty, and staff to visit the university on bicycles. Cycle parking will be allowed near academic blocks to give extra benefit to those coming on bicycles so that they don’t have to cover the distance from parking on foot. 
  2. To promote a healthy culture of cycling, Also bicycling rallies may be conducted by CUI students for good causes, e.g., anti-drugs rallies, fundraising rallies to support flood victims, or cancer patients, and so on.  

Student Week Events

  • Cycle Show
  • Fast track cycle race
  • Slow track cycle race
  • Stunt cycling
  • Out-of-campus cycle race/rally

Faculty In-charge :

COMSATS Abbottabad Cycling Club was founded by Dr. Osman Khalid, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, CUI Abbottabad. Dr. Osman himself is an active cyclist who loves to climb hills on his mountain bike. Dr. Osman has cycled towards almost all the highest peaks in the Abbottabad region, like Thandiani Top (twice), Nathiagali via Namlimaira Miranjani track, Kakul – Danna Sharif, Sarban, Naggaki, Govera, and so on.

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