Environment Protection Society

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Purpose of the Society

The faculty and students of environmental sciences have been initiated to provide a platform to gather the environmentalists and community to address the current environmental issue.   Under the platform of “Environment Protection Society” We work together as one team committed to our mission, vision, and values and we strive to create a healthy atmosphere and positive attitude in the department of environmental sciences and inculcate our missionary approach towards the community to combat the climate change, alarming air pollution and associated health risks effectively utilized the manpower. Through this society we can produce the trained manpower (students) for the betterment of the environment on campus as well as in the country. This society has not been made just for performing in Student week. It will be mobilized throughout the year; students will accomplish the specific tasks time to time.

Responsibilities of the EPS Society

 The EPS has the following core responsibilities

  1. Practical implementation of environment science subject within the campus and outside the campus.
  2. Awareness of environmental education through plantation and awareness seminars for Campus as well as in colleges and schools.
  3. To accelerate the admission campaign as Environmental Sciences has a low intake and the community has negligible awareness about the environment
  4. To inculcate social responsibility among students and faculty being an environmentalist through conducting seminar
  5. Community mobilization through mass media to build a strong image of the department as well as the campus
  6. To create a love, attraction, and conservation attitude toward natural resources
  7. Commitment towards green and healthy environment.
  8. Implementation of small projects within university and outside the university to combat environmental pollution and degradation of the Environment
  9. Poster competition among the students on campus, to inculcate the active participation of the campus students, creativity, and affection towards their field (Environmental Sciences).