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Our lab facilities include the following:

1. General Purpose Computer Labs

There are eight computer labs, and a hardware lab. Two computer labs are fitted with 100 Core i3 processors, one lab is equipped with 50 computers having core i5 processors, one lab is equipped with 50 Dual Core processors, 1 lab is equipped with 60 Core 2 Duo Processors, and three labs are equipped with 180 Pentium 4 Processors connected through fast 100 MBPS Ethernet network. The hardware lab is fully equipped for demonstration, training and hardware maintenance purposes.

2.  Telecommunication & Network Basic Lab

The objective of this lab is to provide a platform for hands-on training related to network software and hardware including installation, configuration and maintenance. This lab is specially established to provide training to telecom students so that they can be well equipped with the latest market oriented skills.

3. Graduate Research Lab

Graduate lab is for the graduate students where they can perform research activities. The lab is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology for graduate students for their research activities.

4. CISCO Lab

The Lab is established to equip students for hands on experience of CISCO devices such as routers, access points, & switches. This lab is equipped with 6 CISCO Routers, 3 CISCO managed switches & 14 Computers.

5. Microsoft Lab

The Microsoft lab is equipped with 26 Dual Core Processors.