Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering

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Program Description

Program Goal:

To enable students in engineering quality software products which meet the desired requirements within realistic constraints.

Objectives: The graduates will be able to:

  • appropriately apply the concepts from computer science and related disciplines for engineering software systems
  • analyze, model, design, implement, verify, validate, apply, and maintain software systems
  • work in one or more significant application domains of SE
  • work in team and to communicate effectively with all stakeholders
  • understand and apply software project management skills
  • understand their professional responsibilities and ethical principles
  • develop independent lifelong learning skills

Scheme of Studies of Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Contact Details

1.    Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, [email protected]

2.    Dr. Tassawar Iqbal, [email protected]

3.    Dr.Sayed Sajid Hussain, [email protected]

Application and admission

  • Intermediate(Pre-Engineering/A-Levels/ ICS) or equivalent (Mathematics) with minimum 50% marks, from an accredited institution.
  • NTS Test with Valid Score 

Career prospects

The initiation of Software engineering program at CIIT Abbottabad will have multi-dimensional benefits including minimizing the gap between supply and demand of software engineers regionally and nationally, introducing a program for a very large catchments area where the program is not being offered by any other university and enhancing financial self sustainability at the campus level.

Software Engineering is a continuous and endless demanding field. With the passage of time, the demand of software engineers in the country in general and Hazara Division in particular is at its peak.

  • Software engineers build systems which are placed in the public domain and whose effective operation is a matter of general public concern. Setting aside the question of safety critical software, the administration of health care, public finance, law and order, social welfare and defense involve software intensive systems. The operation of these systems opens the work of software engineers to public scrutiny.
  • Software engineers are in short supply and there are many more software challenges tha software engineers available to respond to them; most software is built without using known already well-established best practice.
  • A number of important matters concerning software are currently the subject of public debate (privacy, safety, regulatory control, computer misuse, security and so on). Software engineers are in a particular position to comment and contribute on these issues.
  • Software engineering is intellectually demanding and presents many interesting challenges both in relation to technology and its mathematical underpinning.
  • The task of developing software is scalable.  Software systems can be very large; they are often produced by large teams whose work must be coordinated. Thus jobs for professionals in software engineering is increasing day by day.