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Program Description

The Department of Computer Science is committed to a high quality graduate education. The research conducted by CS faculty enables graduate students a comprehensive, state-of-the-art understanding of computer science and its application to a wide range of other disciplines. A substantial level of sponsored research has been achieved thereby providing financial support for many graduate students in the form of research assistantships.

The graduate program in Computer Science also upholds and strengthens the mission of MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), and HEC by providing excellence in instruction, innovation in research and scholarship, and service to the university, the profession, and the public.

The objectives of the Graduate Computer Science Program are that all students will:

  1. possess a breadth of knowledge in Computer Science, combined with a depth of knowledge in at least one focus area;
  2. be capable of independent research in Computer Science;
  3. be familiar with the literature in the field and be able to perform a literature search on an advanced topic in Computer Science;
  4. be knowledgeable about the theoretical foundations of computing and have strong practical application experience;
  5. be able to make a professional presentation and be able to write a professional paper in Computer Science;
  6. have experience working in teams;
  7. Understand and respect the professional standards of ethics expected of a computer scientist

Application and admission

At CIIT the admissions into graduate progams are offered on merit. the merit is determines on the basis of the academic record, GRE/NTS-GAT score and interview.

General Eligibility Criteria 


  • A 16 years degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent, Basic Sciences (Physics/Mathematics/Statistics), Bio-Informatics/Management or related fields or, an MS/M Phil or its equivalent degree in the relevant field from an accredited educational institution with minimum First division (annual system) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system) and no third division (Annual system) or ‘D’ grade (semester system) throughout academic career. 
  • NTS GAT (General) with minimum score of 50.
  • In case a student is weak or does not have pre-requisite background in certain areas he/she may be advised by the department to take some non-credit courses

Program Duration:

The duration of studies for MS degree shall normally be, not less than two years and not more than four years.

Course Work:

An MS Scholar will have to complete minimum of 30 credit hours by undertaking 24 credit hours course work from approved Scheme of Studies and 6 credit hours of MS Thesis.


Career prospects

The objective of offering MS in Computer Sciences is to provide an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of all those graduates who have good scholastic background in Computer Science or related disciplines. It is a platform for them to work in and explore further their areas of interest. The course is tailored in a way that it covers state-of-art concepts in the realms of computer science. The department of Computer Science if offering MS for Full-time students.

  • Careers in academia
  • Careers in research
  • Careers in industrial research projects