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CS OBE based Curriculum

“Outcome-based education (OBE) is about preparing students for life, not simply getting them ready for college or employment”

In outcome based education the first step is to envision what the students should be able to do at the end of the learning experience. This essentially means that the goals are first defined and then the curriculum, assessment and other artifacts are designed to ensure that those goals are achieved. The concept of outcome based education was developed by William Spady in the 1970’s. He shifted the focus on what is being taught to the students to what the students would be able to achieve at the end of a learning experience. In other words, the focus was shifted to the qualities and capabilities that the graduating students would possess rather than the process of education. According to William Shady the following are the four key components of outcome based education:

  1. Focus on significant outcomes for students
  2. Promote opportunities for successful learning for students
  3. The level of expectations is kept high to achieve high level of performance
  4. Envision where you want the student to be and then build backwards from there

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