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Dr Abdul Mannan
Head of Department
Department of Pharmacy

On behalf of the faculty members of the department of Pharmacy, I welcome you to the Department of Pharmacy’s website. Pharmacy is a well-rounded profession, blending science, healthcare, direct patient contact, computer technology, and services. Pharmacy is the second important medical profession that attracts students of equal capabilities of medical education. We have made every effort to provide you with a complete overview of the department’s features including programs offered, facilities, career opportunities, faculty profiles and research areas. The Department of Pharmacy at COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad campus, was established in fall 2008. Since its beginning in 2008, the department has taken great pride in providing the Hazara Division and Province of KP in particular and rest of the nation in general with exceptional pharmacists capable of advancing the profession while providing the highest level of services to hospitals, community pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, research centers, and pharmacy education. The Department of Pharmacy offers the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) five years degree, as well as graduate (MS & PhD) degrees in Pharmacy.

Within short span of time, the department gained popularity in the region owing to highly qualified teaching faculty, state of the art research facilities, research productivity and community services. The department experience is one that combines quality academics, experiential learning, personalized attention, and a strong emphasis on service, all of which help our students grow personally and develop into talented and trusted professionals. The department’s highly qualified faculty includes over 40 full time members and additional collaborators across the country that provide students with an outstanding learning experience in the pharmacy practice.

Consistent with accreditation standards and guidelines of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PPC), the curriculum of Pharm-D provides an appropriate balance of course work in the following areas: basic medical sciences (Human physiology, Histology, Anatomy, Pathology, Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Microbiology & Pharmacology & Therapeutics); Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacy Practice. The goal of the curriculum is to prepare students who can provide pharmaceutical care and are life-long learners. To accomplish this, the curriculum involves students in continuous patient care responsibilities in the hospitals having collaboration through MoU with the Department of Pharmacy. Students also participate as active, self-directed learners in interdisciplinary teaching models. Part of the curriculum also includes training in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, medicinal plants collection etc.

The Department of Pharmacy offers interdisciplinary M.S. and Ph.D degree programs in Pharmacy. Those pursuing one of these degrees must select one of five curricular options: 1), Pharmaceutics 2), Pharmacology 3), Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry 4), Pharmacognosy and 5) Pharmacy Practice. For detail in specialization you can visit individual faculty profile. However, major areas of interest include; drug addictions and dependence, cardiovascular research in diverse areas, infectious diseases, cancer chemoprevention, diabetes, corneal neovascularization, artificial skin for burns, activity-guided isolation of bioactive compounds from medicinal plants/endophytes, pharmacogenomics, pharmaceutical biotechnology, synthetic organic chemistry, nano-pharmaceuticals, formulation and drug delivery. There lots of extra-curriculum activities available on campus.

Thank you for your visit to the Department of Pharmacy’s website. We are very proud of the Department’s history in the profession of pharmacy, its many notable and influential graduates and the outstanding students that are admitted annually to continue its tradition. I encourage you to review the information presented and invite you to pursue a career in Pharmacy at COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus, a career rich in opportunity to advance the health of others.

Dr. Abdul Mannan

Head of Department