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Venture Revolve Competition

On March 6th, 2024, at the Venture Revolve competition hosted by Fast University, Peshawar, Team GDSC made their mark. Sir Syed Shahab Zarin of the CS department emphasized the importance of teamwork. The event showcased two outstanding projects: Marrow Master and AgriTech. Marrow Master, led by Rizwan Shah, Khizar Hayat, and Zainab Tahir, employs machine learning for bone marrow cell classification, offering analysis via a user-friendly Flutter mobile app. AgriTech, led by Muhammad Raees, Sara Iftikhar, and Muhammad Awais, focuses on combating crop diseases in Pakistan using advanced AI. Marrow Master garnered attention from medical students for its innovative medical solutions. Both teams demonstrated exceptional expertise in their fields, addressing queries effectively. Congratulations to all participants for their remarkable achievements! Keep shining and making a difference with your innovative projects!

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