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Numerous members have contributed towards science through this channel and its center providing a facility for research from different backgrounds but urge intellect and vision to make their scientific contribution which is significant for society and rewarding for them as well. The center can take up associate members, who are qualified and authorized to perform independent scientific research and perform there with the consent of the institution at which they are fully employed in a particular project within an interdisciplinary project of the Centre.

Group Members:



Professor Dr. Jamshed Iqbal (T.I)

HEAD CADR and LiScent – CUI Abbottabad.

Area of Expertise: Organic synthesis, Enzyme Based Assays, GPCR studies, Spectroscopy, Computations.

Cell: +92 336 5101651 
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: drjamshed@cuiatd.edu.pk
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8971-133X
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Syed Jawad Ali Shah

Research Associate CADR

Area of Expertise: Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Cell: +92 336 5162242 
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: syedjawadali@cuiatd.edu.pk
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7657-445X


Aqeel Imran

PhD Scholar and Research Associate

Area of Expertise: Drug Discovery and Development, Organic synthesis and Enzyme Inhibition Studies.

Cell: +92 345 5309782
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: aqeelimran@cuiatd.edu.pk



Abid Mahmood

PhD Scholar

Area of Expertise: Organic synthesis, Enzymology, Protein expression, Bacterial cloning and transformation, RT-PCR, Gel electrophoresis and Ca2+ imaging.

Cell: +92 333 8049550
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: abid9550@yahoo.com


Abdul Hadi

PhD Scholar

Area of Expertise: Cell Culture and Purinergic receptor signaling studies.

Cell: +92 336 8003403 
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: abdulhadi7865@yahoo.com



Qasim Shah

PhD Scholar

Area of Expertise: GPCRs (P2X7), Cell lines based anticancer and antiproliferative assays.

Cell: +92 346 9466808
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: drqasimshah89@gmail.com


Saquib Jalil

PhD Scholar

Area of Expertise: Synthesis, Enzyme Extraction, purification, optimization, and Enzyme based studies.

Cell: +92 332 7912728
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: saqib_jalil2002@yahoo.com


Farooq Ahmed

MS Student

Area of Expertise: Chemical Synthesis

Cell: +92 345 9459793
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: farooqswat10@gmail.com



Sehrish Bano

PhD Scholar

Area of Expertise: Cell culture of 1321N1 astrocytoma cells, transfection of P2Y receptors, RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis and Real time PCR.

Cell: +92 992 383591-96
Phone: +92 992 383591-96,
Email: sardarhakim1@gmail.com