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Prof. Dr. Umar Farooq
Head of Department

The faculty is dedicated to imparting training to students in their respective areas of expertise and make them capable of working as a team player in the relevant research group. It is also a matter of pride for all the faculty of this department that chemistry graduates are being equipped with the updated knowledge by inculcating research expertise necessary for understanding advancement in chemical sciences. They are provided with opportunity to work in six different research groups such as; Natural Product Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Physical & Analytical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Interdisciplinary areas of research including nanoscience, pharmaceutical science, environmental and earth sciences are also offered in collaboration with other departments. Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2008. Since its establishment department has produced more than 200 MS research students and 11 PhD students in a short period of time. 

The vision of this department is to attain a respectable position among world-class institutions of chemistry through excellence in education and cutting-edge research & innovation. The department is striving hard to train MS and PhD students in developing advanced & functional materials, organic & inorganic synthesis, synthesis of pharmaceutically active compounds,  specialized chemical  analysis, theoretical investigation of chemical processes and to provide scientific expertise for the betterment of mankind.

In addition to imparting knowledge to students, the faculty is also actively publishing their research work in the world leading journals of high impact factors including Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Organic letters, Angewandte Chemie- Int. Ed., Journal of the American Chemical Society, Chemical Science, Journal of Chromatography A, Journal of Power Sources, Journal of Membrane Science, Tetrahedron, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Ceramics International, Materials Research Bulletin, etc. Moreover, a number of books, book chapters, posters and presentations are also on their credit.

Faculty of this department have a large number of research projects sponsored by different funding agencies like; Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Third World Academy of Science (TWAS), Commission on Science and Technology (COMSTECH), International Foundation for Science Sweden (IFS), UNICEF and CUI research grants. All these grants help students to conduct novel and cutting-edge research. A large number of students are getting benefit from these projects in the form of monthly stipend, purchase of chemicals and glassware, etc. Current projects involve syntheses of new anti-cancer agents; establishing new bioassays for biomolecules, encapsulated drug delivery systems; advanced food preservation methods; green chemistry methodologies; synthesis and characterization of nano-materials, advanced Polymers, composite materials, sensors and liquid crystal; drinking water and waste water sustainable treatment; isolation of natural products, computational studies of challenging molecules etc. The graduates can access the following major expertise from their research:

  1. Modern and comprehensive knowledge in the specialized field
  2. In-depth knowledge to interpret sophisticated analytical data from instruments such as NMR, FTIR, UV/Visible, GC-MS, HPLC, XRD, SEM, TEM, etc
  3. Ability to understand and optimize the new research methodologies
  4. Understanding of ethical and professional responsibilities as a scientist as well as awareness of contemporary global issues

In Faculty of Natural Science at COMSATS university Islamabad, Chemistry Department is among the top contributors in terms of research publications as well as funded research projects. The department is facilitated with well-equipped and state of the art research labs, conducive and productive environment with capable management which always supports and encourages graduate students to contribute more. It is my firm belief that whosoever believe in quality education and excellence in research should opt for this department to secure his/her future.