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Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI). Whether you are a student looking forward to learning or already a part of electrical and computer engineering community I welcome you to one of the best ECE-department of Pakistan for learning and research.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department at CUI was established back in 2000, and ever since, it has excelled with an exceptional swiftness. The department offers postgraduate as well as undergraduate programs. Currently, the department offers four undergraduate (BS) programs namely Electrical Engineering, Electrical (Power) Engineering, Electrical (Electronics) Engineering and Computer Engineering. MS in Electrical Engineering (with specialization in Electronics, Communications & Networks, Electric Power & Energy and Control & Automation) and PhD in Electrical Engineering are being offered. The CUI’s engineering discipline has been ranked fourth in Pakistan and second in Federal Area. This meticulous honor is the mere fruit of the un-abating struggles of our competent staff and faculty. The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is an integral part of that. ECE is the largest department, with approximately 3,400 undergraduate and 500 graduate students, 273 research faculty and 140 technical staff. Over the years, immense progresses have been made in the path of improvising our faculty in accordance with the new and latest technological trends. We have made several collaborations with different prestigious universities in the USA, UK, Sweden, Finland and Germany and sent students to acquire masters and PhD degrees for bringing together the most revolutionary and forward-thinking minds of today. We offer rich and wide areas of research interests including specialized faculty in Power System Dynamics & Control, FACTS & HVDC Control, µGrid & Smart Grid Control, Hybrid Power System, Telecommunication & 5G systems, Antenna Propagation, Chip Designing, Aviation Electronics, Robotic Systems, DSP, Analog Circuits Design, Digital Image Processing, Biomedical Signal & Image Processing, VLSI and Network Communications. All the campuses of CUI offer up to date laboratory facilities providing students an opportunity to work on the best equipment related to multiple subjects of power, computer and electronics engineering. Students are also provided internship opportunities with the industry as well as they participate in funded projects during their final year.

Our mission is to solely equip students with high ample educational opportunities. Our integrated core curriculum permits students to characterize their own scholarly professions and investigate a range of programs and projects.

I welcome you to go along with us on this journey where we challenge the conventional and view issues as promising circumstances.



Dr. Laiq Khan

                                                                                                Chairman of the Department